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Growater Controls specializes in system integration and engineering automated growing systems for greenhouse and indoor grows. We work with leaders in automated growing systems to custom configure and design an optimal system layout allowing our growers to grow more efficiently while saving time and cutting costs.

Whether you’re in the planning stages of a new cultivation facility or are ready to scale up your operation, Growater Controls’ team of integrators and engineers are here to help.


Offering services that are compliant and custom to your grow.


Protect Your Grow From Disaster

While CO2 has some serious benefits, if it's not monitored and controlled properly it can lead to disaster for not only your plants but your growers as well. Once CO2 levels exceed 3,000 ppm, your grow is now extremely dangerous for humans to breathe.

As more states start to regulate cannabis, strict laws & regulations regarding CO2 control & monitoring are being implemented. A common trend states are adopting is a mandatory gas detection and alarming system in each grow. This will ensure your grow will be able to detect harmful CO2 levels, and alert everyone in the facility so they can safely evacuate.


Growater CO2 Safety System

Detect the presence of abnormal levels of carbon dioxide in the ambient air and warn individuals in confined spaces of unsafe conditions. 


Growater CO2 Delivery System

The Growater CO2 Delivery System provides complete endpoint control of CO2 delivery in an enclosed grow environment.

Growater Shop

Growater Controls is a Michigan based company that provides the engineering and hardware required to fully automate your indoor fruit, vegetable, or cannabis grow operation. Our custom control systems include water recycling, CO2 gas control and safety detection, fertilizer injection control, power management and environmental climate controls. We support our growers before and after installation by offering integration solutions, system training, and technical support that's needed to keep you compliant and in control.

Automation and controls provides the foundation for any grow that demands high quality yields in commercial greenhouse operations as well as indoor fruit, vegetable, and cannabis grow facilities. Our team has over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of control products supported in the USA.

Do you have a system in place but want to add-on? We layout key components that are necessary for a successful grow and custom configure a solution accordingly. Are you used to using a specific sensor, valve, or tank, that isn't included in your new or existing system? Our extensive system integration background gives our customers the flexibility to incorporate a wide array of different equipment into their system whether it's a Priva, Argus, or Hortimax.