Automated Climate Control Systems

Whether it's relative humidity, temperature, CO2, or lighting control, Growater Controls automated climate control systems are equipped to control these variables for you.

In large scale indoor cannabis grows, a variety of variables in the environment need to be controlled effectively to maximize yields and produce high quality cannabis. Whether it's your grow’s relative humidity, temperature, CO2, or lighting, our automated climate control systems are equipped to control these variables for you. This gives our growers the peace of mind that their grow is running optimally even when they are away.
Manual growing makes it nearly impossible to maintain a stable environment for your plants. Constant changes in the climate, no matter how small, cause your plants stress which directly affects your plant's yield and quality. Automatic cannabis grow systems smooth out these peaks and valleys in the grow creating an optimal environment to produce reliable high quality cannabis. While many growers like to lean on traditional manual growing techniques, others are rapidly adopting agricultural automation and experiencing immediate benefits. 
When the environment is not controlled optimally there can be devastating effects on your crops. Mold, mildew,and dangerously high CO2 levels are just a few hazards that can ravage your grow.
We've strategically partnered with leaders in agricultural control systems to offer you an optimal solution that fits your growing needs. Our professional team of engineers and system integrators will work hands-on with you to determine the optimal system for your cannabis grow. We take into account variables like the size of your grow, zones, outside environment, and structure type to design an ideal system that fits your exact needs.

Precise Control for Consistent Results