Climate Control System Features

Our climate control systems are equipped to handle all the important environmental variables in your indoor cannabis grow autonomously. Our engineers and system integrators work directly with growers to design and build an automatic cannabis grow system specifically tailored to their unique growing needs. Our automated growing systems are designed to control many different environmental zones and the variables within including: temperature, relative humidity, heating and cooling, vents, fans, CO2, and air flow.

By combining our professional engineering and system integration background with the systems and technology provided by our automated control system partnerships, our climate control system gives growers the peace-of-mind that their grow is running optimally at all times, even when they are away.

Indoor and greenhouse climate control automation systems

Climate Control Automation

  • Temperature, humidity, heating and ventilation control
  • Configure multiple climate zones which can be expanded to a growers specific needs.

  • Multi-staged heating programs for hot water, steam and forced air heating.
  • Temperature and humidity conditions in all greenhouse compartments

Environmental control programs

Environmental Control Programs

  • Easy to use software programs for raising your crops.
  • Day and night humidity programs

  • Lighting, shading and pad programs

  • Heating and cooling programs for hot water, steam or hot air heaters.

Indoor cannabis climate control systems

Weather Station

  • Weather station measures and logs weather conditions
  • Solar radiation, wind speed, direction, and windchill measurements.

  • Temperature and rain sensors

  • Outside humidity and other sensors (optional)

Indoor and greenhouse CO2 metering and safety alarms.

CO2 Metering

  • CO2 levels in each greenhouse compartment

  • Digital CO2 meter interface
  • Control CO2 valves and burners

  • Alarms to alert dangerously high CO2 levels.