Growater Controls has an over 20 year history of providing CO2 and toxic gas detection safety systems for a variety of industires. Rely on our professional experience to make sure your indoor or greenhouse cannabis grow has safe levels of CO2.

Carbon Dioxide Gas Detection

Our carbon dioxide (CO2) grower gas detection solution was designed to detect the presence of abnormal levels of carbon dioxide in the ambient air and warn individuals in confined spaces of unsafe conditions. 

Our company has an over 20 year history history of providing CO2 safety solutions for a variety of challenging industries. These industries rely on our systems to keep their facility a safe working environment. We specialize in providing code compliant carbon dioxide gas detection systems required to meet strict local and state requirements.

CO2 Laws & Regulations

While CO2 has some serious benefits, if it's not monitored and controlled properly it can lead to disaster for not only your plants but your growers as well. Once CO2 levels exceed 3,000 ppm, your grow is now extremely dangerous for humans to breathe. As soon as levels reach 5,000 ppm, your grow is now lethal.

As more states start to regulate cannabis, strict laws & regulations regarding CO2 control & monitoring are being implemented. A common trend states are adopting is a mandatory gas detection and alarming system in each grow. This will ensure your grow will be able to detect harmful CO2 levels, and alert everyone in the facility so they can safely evacuate. 

  • Green states are those with regulations regarding CO2 safety and detection

Growater CO2 Safety System

Growater CO2 Safety System

Growater CO2 Safety System

CO2 is a colorless, odorless gas that naturally exists in the air. High concentrations of CO2 in confined spaces is extremely dangerous, and may lead to serious health problems ranging from headaches and fatigue to asphyxiation and death.

Our carbon dioxide (CO2) safety solution utilizes an audible alarm and visual indicators when CO2 concentrations reach a pre-set notification level. Detection of high levels of CO2 will also activate a relay that could trigger a fan to ventilate the confined space and reduce CO2 concentrations in the area.

Growater CO2 Delivery System

Growater CO2 Delivery System

Growater CO2 Delivery System

The Growater CO2 Delivery System provides complete endpoint control of CO2 delivery in an enclosed grow environment. The CO2 Delivery System is designed to work with the Growater CO2 Controller (or other),which measures temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels in the area.

If levels rise above setpoints, the solenoid valve inside the delivery system is closed. A separate alarming system will warn operators if CO2 levels approach the safety threshold for controlled-environment enclosures. Regulation and delivery scheduling form a complete system for an optimized, safe grow environment.

A System For Monitoring & Controlling



  • Set Custom Values

  • Historical Trend Graphs

  • CO2 Pressure Reading

  • Real-Time Temperature Reading

  • Humidity Percentage

  • Automated Average Values

  • Mobile Alerts and Notifications


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Nationwide there are set state regulations for grows using CO2. Growater is very knowledgable about these regulations and are code compliant, ensuring your grows safety.