Automated Irrigation Control Systems

Automated fertilizer injection works by automatically injecting fertilizer into your irrigation water.

In large scale agriculture, irrigation automation is essential to maintaining a consistently healthy crop. While many traditional growers like the hands-on personal approach to irrigating their plants, this method is inefficient and human error leads to your plants getting different amounts of nutrients. This results in growers having significantly larger labor and nutrient costs. 


Automated fertilizer injection works by automatically injecting fertilizer into your irrigation water based on a set of defined variables. This process removes the need for any hand mixing, which significantly decreases any room for wasted time and resources while keeping the process consistent. By utilizing our automated irrigation systems growers schedule this process so their plants are fed precisely on a set interval. The nutrient solution runs from a soluble mixing process in your water tank through your water lines to the plant, like any normal irrigation system. Using a pump, the fertilizer solution feeds the series of plants on a schedule. 

The problem with A+B+C tank mixing systems is they are extremely limited when it comes to changing fertilizer recipes. Grower's have to fill their tanks with expensive fertilizer and that's what they're stuck with. If their mixtures aren't working for their crops, they need to purge large tanks of expensive fertilizer resulting in a substantial loss. Our system allows growers to use anywhere from 3 to 12 different fertilizers tanks giving them the flexibility to create many different fertilizer formulas for different crops.

Employing an automated irrigation control system means growers can make informed decisions that can significantly impact water and nutrient usage as well as contribute to reducing disease. The system will provide optimal efficiency and cost saving while improving quality of the plant life. Having an automated fertigation system means your plants are completely cared for at all times.