Growater Controls at MJ Biz Con 2017

The cannabis industry is a unique and interesting field. While some states (or countries) have already passed full legalization and established the infrastructure to support it, other states have only passed medical marijuana laws or are just starting to dip their toes into the cannabis world. One place where everyone in the cannabis industry can meet up and share knowledge is the Marijuana Business Conference (MJ Biz Con) in Las Vegas, Nevada.   

MJ Biz Con was started in 2012 by MJ Biz Daily, a news hub for anything and everything related to the cannabis industry. As the industry progressed they realized that there wasn’t one place where everyone in the industry could meet and interact. “Our editors felt the industry needed a way to come together as a business community, hear about the latest advances and network in person.” explained MJ Biz Daily on their website. So in 2012 they made history and launched MJ Biz Con, the cannabis industry’s very first national trade show. As the cannabis industry expanded so did the trade show, since 2013 every fall show has sold out and just this past November the number of attendees surpassed over 18,000 people.

Among the 18,000 attendees was the newly founded Metro-Detroit based company Growater Controls.  Growater Controls specializes in providing the engineering and hardware required to fully automate your grow operation. Their systems can handle all of a grower's needs including water purification, fertigation, and climate control. Beyond just the hardware, Growater Controls is fully committed to supporting their growers before and after installation by offering system integration solutions, system training, and technical support. 

Growater Controls traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada this year for MJ Biz Con 2017. During the show Growater walked the floor seeing all the new developments and technology within the industry. Growater Controls also made it a priority to talk to growers and other players in the automated controls sector to see how their company and controls can be of benefit to the industry. Discussions with many individuals within the cannabis industry only reaffirmed how Growaters unique skill set with automated controls and power engineering has a lot to give to the industry.

The cannabis industry is an incredibly exciting industry to be a part of right now. Nowhere is that more apparent than at MJ Biz Con. Being under one roof with thousands of excited individuals working to push the cannabis industry forward was incredibly exciting and inspiring.   

The team at Growater Controls thanks everyone we had the pleasure of interacting with at the show this year and we’re excited to continue working together to push the cannabis industry forward. We hope to see everyone next year!