Michigan Engineers take on the Cannabis Industry

With the United States implementing regulations in advancement for the legalization of cannabis, Michigan is looking to become a leader in the cannabis world. In a city flooded with professional engineers, Detroit is turning its focus on the cannabis industry aside from its well-known presence in the automotive industry.

According to an interview with Chris Walsh, the Editorial and Strategic Development Director of Marijuana Business Daily, "if Michigan voters approve full legalization of marijuana for adult use next year, the state would become the second-largest market, behind California, among the seven states and the District of Columbia to legalize cannabis". Hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses are looking to take on the new and exciting market, including the newly founded Growater Controls based in Royal Oak.

Growater Controls was built off the same concept as our parent company, Coritech Services, who has been providing the engineering, system integration, and turn-key design build services for electrical control systems in the automotive, military, and entertainment industries for over 20 years. With their extensive knowledge in automated control systems as well as backup power engineering, Growater Controls provides the engineering and on-going support for cannabis growers across the legalized states including Nevada, Washington, California, and Michigan.

Engineering an indoor or greenhouse facility is the most crucial aspect in the frontier of a successful and profitable cannabis grow. Making sure the structure will be able to house hundreds of plants and the equipment required to grow them is just a fraction of the engineering that goes into its build out. Our team of engineers molds the infrastructure of a grow facility with an automated control system including mobile monitoring, electrical schematics, and power management using the most advanced manufacturing methods and equipment.

While the cannabis industry is preparing their facilities for state requirements and regulations , Growater Controls is currently implementing the best power and automated systems for current and future grow facilities. Follow us on our journey as we help growers around the country grow in control!