Automated Water Recycling Systems

Growater Controls automated water recycling and purification system for indoor and greenhouse cannabis grows.

Dissolved oxygen is one of the most overlooked variables in an indoor grow environment. Elevated dissolved oxygen (DO) levels improves your plants' resistance to stress caused by diseases, poor irrigation regimes, feeding and climatic conditions. It also increases nutrient uptake and conversion efficiency. This enhances the growth and development of your plants’ roots, vegetative and flowering characteristics. This results in healthier plants, increased yields, and ultimately a higher quality product.

Ozone Treatment

By combining nature and technology, we created a system that utilizes your water optimally while also providing the additional benefits of killing any harmful bacteria, viruses, or algae.  The most effective way of introducing the highest possible levels of dissolved oxygen into water is through the use of an ozone system. A key reason for ozone use in horticulture is that once the ozone (O3) destroys the pathogens, biofilm or bad bacteria, it converts to DO. The ozonation process allows about 12.5 times more DO to be put into a solution than using pure oxygen.

As regulations progress, the improper disposal of irrigated waste water will put growers under a microscope that could result in hefty fines or possible closure. Without a system like this in place that efficiently and responsibly handles irrigated waste water, growers will be scrambling for a solution when regulators start knocking.